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PSP2000 Headphone wire evaluation

Author:LUO    Date:2009-5-21    Source:Network                   

   Wire of the PSP compared to the market, this product is characterized by the largest has two audio output is very suitable for two songs, watching movies and sharing the use of games, now let us take a look at the author.


   There is only one wire products. Round-by-wire, wire bus length 0.8m, with a short length just after the headset, the headset like to use short-term players are very suitable length.
Table with the original key bit-by-wire configuration, like the headphones. HOLD with key lock use the convenience of traveling abroad in order to prevent collision by to; other than wire the thickness of similar products now available in the market, quite a lot of thick. Two-wire audio output, and this is generally the largest PSP headphone wire the difference: you can plug two headphones to play, very suitable for friends and lovers to share their PSP to play MP3.


   I use earplugs + headphones for testing, mainly to test the two common output audio sound quality will occur after the impact. The general store to buy audio equipment in the line if the selected audio streaming well, use headphones you will find there will be a two-left-right channel of a channel, or is the volume of serious state of decay and so on. In my testing using two headphones at the same time when one did not find the situation there side channel; and the volume of attenuation is also very small, satisfactory performance.

   Advantages: Special features for the user community clearly; audio attenuation is very small after the separation; price easier to accept.
   Disadvantages: room for improvement in design; larger wire, thicker, more cumbersome to use. 

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