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Listed low-cost biochemical Wii gun

Author:Nada    Date:2009-5-21                   

    WII game console and the other a big difference, that is, with a wide range of peripherals, and manipulate the game through various means of virtual reality scenes for the joy of a great player. Shooting game in which the Wii version is known as "Resident Evil 4" so that the majority of players have been talking about it.
But alone on the original Wii controller does not allow us to feel the fun of shooting game, so players will choose a number of gun-shaped parts. In recent days, have a very innovative peripherals to enter the market the Wii, this Wii gun used biochemical detachable imitation imitation pistol and machine gun design, Nunchuk and classic controller with other attachments such as port forwarding, equipment of high Instrument precision targeting support at the same time manipulating his hands Nunchuk or other accessories.
Entirely suitable for all types of TV sets and displays, including plasma screens and LCD. Sharpshooter high accuracy, so that even more Wii games shooting real lively. With the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controller connection, easy to install, use simple and lightweight. Save the battery and wiring brought trouble. Pick up the light gun, you can experience the pleasure of shooting.



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